Omar Qazi

CEO of Smick Enterprises.
Former tech founder of PredPol

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The Bull Case for Apple

When Apple was first getting started, people had a hard time believing that everybody would own their own personal computer. What would a normal person need a computer for?

Fast forward a few decades and, if you live in the developed world, it’s rare to find a person who only uses one computer. As a software developer, my number is probably higher than most peoples but I have:

  • a MacBook Pro, for work
  • an iPhone, to take everywhere I go
  • an iPad
  • 3 Apple TVs plugged in around my house
  • a computer inside my watch that I wear almost every day
  • A computer inside the “pencil” I use to draw on my iPad
  • A computer inside each ear of my Airpods
  • A computer built into my Tesla that can help drive the car

You might not think of all of these things as computers, but they all have microprocessors and run the same kernel you run on your Mac. So here, in a nutshell, is the case that Apple will continue...

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I’m going to try and write something every day

Why am I so bad at writing? Probably since I was… 15 or so I’ve been thinking “alright, I’ll start writing stuff and post it online”, and then I don’t. I’ve probably created a new blog and written one post at least 20 times.

Alright, this time I’ll try and post something every day. Even if it’s stupid. Either that or this will be my last post for a while…

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Hello, this is my website.

Hi, I’m Omar Qazi. I build things out of software. This website is about what comes next. If you have a comment, email or tweet @omarqazi.

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